Monday, 14.10.2019 - FES Berlin

French-German economic dialog: Strength and weakness of French and German economies

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Cercle des économistes

Patrick Artus

Ansgar Belke

Matthias Fekl



Patrick ARTUS (Cercle des économistes), Thomas MANZ (FES Paris)

Productivity and competitiveness in the euro area: A view from France                                 
Gilbert CETTE (Banque de France), France 

Morning Session

Cross-country assessments of the French and German economy models

There is a symmetrical debate in both countries: in France about the restrictive fiscal policy of Germany, leading to huge external surplus. In Germany about the insufficient compliance with fiscal rules and the lack of structural reforms in France. What are the real strengths and weaknesses of the two economies?

Vision of Germany by French economists

Input  Patrick ARTUS (Natixis), France

Vision of France by German economists

Input    Ansgar BELKE (Duisburg-Essen University), Germany

Chair    Ludovic SUBRAN, Allianz

General discussion                                                             

Afternoon Session

Coordination of policies and launching of joint project

There are two important questions: Firstly, the capacity to coordinate more fiscal or social policies in the euro area; secondly, the implementation of industrial policies in domains that are of strategic importance for the future.

Is there a reasonable possibility of improving policy coordination and launching new industrial projects?

Input      Matthias FEKL (KGA Avocats), France

Chair      Daniel GROS, CEPS Bruxelles

General discussion

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