Thursday, 27.10.2022 - 14h-16h30, Zoom

The return of inflation in the EU: What to do about it?

Debate in cooperation with OFCE

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All across the EU, inflation is back. While the low-inflation era came to an end yet last year in summer, the Russian invasion of Ukraine this year with the resulting fossil fuel supply shock as well as the extraordinary hot and dry summer put further upward pressure on inflation and manifested the changing trend. Inflation rates shot up everywhere, reaching or even exceeding the 10% mark in some countries. This inflation shock confronts many – and particularly low-income - households with enormous economic problems that they can hardly handle without government aid. After the Covid pandemic, large public aid packages are once again needed. But even so, many expect an increase in social protests in the coming months.

In light of this situation, it is urgently for scientists and policymakers to find and implement appropriate measures to contain the inflation flare-up and to provide financial support to the parts of society in need. In this dialogue we would like to compare experiences made so far in Europe and discuss which measures seem most likely to relieve the burden on society.


14:00   Welcome
           OFCE FES
14:10   Inflation shock :  What are the experiences so far and what to do about it?
Introduction and moderation:
Céline Antonin, OFCE
14h20  A comparative look at the EU countries
 François Geerolf, OFCE, France
14h30   Country views
. José Moisés Martín Carretero, Spain
. Katja Rietzler, Germany (online)
. Andrea Boitani, Italy 

15:15   Debate
with Xavier Ragot and Xavier Timbeau(OFCE)
16:00   Final remarks


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